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United States Department of Labor Recovers Back Wages Caregivers Misclassified as Independent Contractors

The United States Department of Labor announced another recovery of wages for caregivers misclassified as independent contractors….

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Massachusetts Compost Company Failed to Demonstrate Workers were Independent Contractors.

In a recent decision in Masssachusetts, an Administrative Magistrate found that workers for a compost collection company…

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New York State’s “Freelance Isn’t Free” Act – What Employers Need to Know

From JDSupra, Meghan DiPasquale, Glen Doherty, Charles Kaplan, and Kinsey O’Brien discuss the requirements of the state…

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Legal Risk Management: 5 Ways to Proactively Mitigate Risk

From JDSupra, Jeffrey Wolff discusses ways to mitigate risk. Jeff writes:

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Why Was a Carpenter Misclassified as Independent Contractor But a Truck Cleaner Was ‎Not? 

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses two cases which came to different conclusions — a carpenter was misclassified…

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WI Supreme Court: Amazon drivers are employees, not independent contractors – Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper

The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper, reports that the Wisconsin Supreme Court let a lower court ruling stand…

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The Delicate Case for Reclassification of Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses two cases in which workers were reclassified from independent contractors to employees…

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Washington DC Attorney General Settles Claims with Contruction Company for Misclassifying Construction Workers 

The Attorney General for the District of Columbia announced the settlement of claims that a construction company…

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The Ever-Evolving Maze of Worker Classification Requirements

From Lexology, Dylan B. Saul discusses the requirements under the United States Department of Labor’s new independent…

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Employers Beware: Worker Misclassification May Be Seen as Anticompetitive Conduct

From JDSupra, Tracey Diamond, Kasia Hebda, and Barbara Sicalides discuss the statements made by the Commissioner of…

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Are Real Estate Agents Independent Contractors Under New DOL Rules?

From JDSupra, Jordan Jeter discusses the new independent contractor rule as it may apply to real estate…

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United States Department of Labor Recovers Wages and Damages for Misclassified Oklahoma Construction Workers

The United States Department of Labor announced that it recovered wages and damages for construction workers in…