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NYC proposes $24 minimum wage for third-party delivery workers

From Restaurant Business, Joe Guszkowski reports that New York city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection has…

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Requirements for Engaging Musicians as Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Emily Bushaw, and Shannon McDermott discuss the requirements for engaging musicians as independent contractors in…

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Ninth Circuit Rejects Another AB 5 Challenge

From JDSupra, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP discusses a recent case in which the court said that…

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What will the Impact of the Proposed Independent Contractor Rule Really Be?

In October, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) proposed a new rule for classifying workers as…

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US Department of Labor secures $278K in back wages, damages for construction workers misclassifed by construction staffing agency

The United States Department of Labor announced a consent judgement in which a construction staffing agency agreed…

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Is It Becoming Easy To Certify Collective Action Lawsuits Alleging Independent Contractor Misclassification? 

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses a recent case in which a federal court in California certified a…

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Rolling the dice with independent contractors – employee misclassification can prove to be a risky and expensive game of roulette when an injury occurs!

From Lexology, Nicole R. Hunter discusses the risks of classifying a worker as an independent contractor if…

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Federal Court Finds In-Home Caregivers Were Employees, Not Independent Contractors, Under ‘Economic Realities/Control’ Test

From JDSupra, Lawrence Smith discusses a recebt case in which the court said that in-home caregivers were…

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The DOL Has Issued New Proposed Independent Contractor Classification Rules: What Now?

From JDSupra,. Christopher Braham, David Fuller, Jennifer Hill, Joseph Mulherin, and Madeline Hassell provide an excellent review…

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Minnesota Attorney General Sues Shipt for Misclassifying Shoppers as Independent Contractors

The Minnesota Attorney General has sued Shipt alleging that Shipt ‘Shoppers’ were misclassified as independent contractors. October…

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DOL’s New Independent Contractor Rule: A Return to 2020

From JDSupra, Allan Bloom provides a superb analysis of the proposed independent contractor rule and its likely…

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Washington DC Attorney General Sues Gig Economy Company “Shipt” for Misclassifying Workers

The Attorney General for the District of Columbia announched a lawsuit against Shipt alleging that Shipt misclassified…