Month: September 2014

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The California “Work Made for Hire” Trap: Your Consultant May Be Your Employee

From Satya Narayan at the Royse Law Firm, PC Most consulting/ contractor agreements will include a boilerplate…

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More Thought Leaders Call for Cracking Down on Worker Misclassification

From the Construction Citizen — “There is growing anger across the nation about the about the cancer of worker…

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Study: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City says ACA could lead to more self-employment

From the Memphis Business Journal — “One of the supposed benefits of the Affordable Care Act is that it…

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Dishonest contractors cheat their workers

From the The Bellingham Herald — “Fortunately, Washington is one of the states aggressively chasing the cheaters. Olympian reporter…

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Are you actually an independent contractor? A rough diagnostic.

From the The Washington Post — “Perhaps the most relevant question in the workplace today — and one that’s…

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Texas business, labor interests team to push for reforms

From the News Tribune –  ” An unlikely alliance between business and labor advocacy groups is pushing…

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Tax cheats prey on immigrants in construction trade

From The Seattle Times — “A nationwide McClatchy investigation found that in Southern states, where there’s a lack of…

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Our View: Misclassifying employees cheats everyone

From Editorial — If your employer announced that your hourly job was being converted to independent-contractor status…

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Freelancers increasing in numbers

From delmarvanow— Rhonda Adams writes:  “Years ago when I started my own small business, I’d bristle when…

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Employee misclassification crackdown: DOL shells out millions to fund detection and enforcement

From, Jasmin M. Rojas, JD writes “For a while we have been telling you that the…

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Can an Independent Contractor share your trade secrets?

From the Oregon Business Report — “A recent case out of Massachusetts held that, as a matter of law,…

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Be careful in just “doing something” about independent contractors

From the Beaufort Observer — “We would suggest that our politicians go slow on “fixing” this problem….