Month: November 2014

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Independent Contractor vs Employee

From United Benefit Advisors — “Not correctly classifying an individual as an employee can lead to an…

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When classifying workers, remember the ‘right to control.’

  From ICon Professional Services Blog — “Recently, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has been pushing…

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Why I Went Freelance 

From the Huffington Post — Lisa Borden writes:  “Now I am Executive Vice President of absolutely nothing….

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Self-employment in NYC booming: Freelance ranks grow 31% since 2000

From am New York — Dan Rivoli writes:  “Self-employment in the city boomed by more than 31%…

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Is The Future Of Work All About Freelance And Independent Workers?

From Forbes — “According to a recent SAP and Oxford Economics report, 83% of executives say their…

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Nevada court says dancers at gentlemen’s club are employees

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal.—   the court ruled that dancers at one of the state’s biggest…

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Pro-Union Rulings Hurt Employers and Employees Alike

From the Connecticut Law Tribune — Ryan O’Donnell writes:  “Issued on Sept. 30, the board’s decision summarily…

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Small Business Bootcamp: Independent Contractor or Employee?

From BrightMove Recruiting Software, Onboarding Software and Staffing Software —   “ (a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small…

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Bosses Now Liable for Harassment by Independent Contractors

From the National Law Journal — Most recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit…

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How To Freelance Without Fear

From Forbes —   Your boss is driving you crazy. You never get opportunities to pitch your big…

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Wrestling with independent contractors

From Lexology —  Unlike other professional athletes, wrestlers, as non-employees cannot unionize. As independent contractors, wrestlers are…

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Gentlemen’s club cannot strip dancers of employee status

From Lexology — The decision from the Nevada Supreme Court reminds us that, whether in a Fortune…