Month: February 2015

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Posted in Georgia

Georgia committee approves panel to study misclassification

From the Florida Times Union, Walter C. Jones writes about Georgia legislators considering legislation to address…

Posted in North Carolina

Reporter Mandy Locke on wage theft and the “misclassification” of workers by employers

From NC Policy Watch — If you weren’t able to attend NC Policy Watch’s Crucial Conversation with…

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Freelance becoming the norm

From the TribLIVE/The Washington Post, this story describes the shift away from traditional 40-hour-per-week employment towards more on-demand…

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The ultimate tax guide for freelancers

From the Freelancers Union – Lindsay Van Thoen put together a guide for freelancers and self-employed workers that includes links…

Posted in Kentucky

New bill imposes penalty on Kentucky construction contractors who misclassify employees

From Lexology, Steven A. Brehm of Bingham Grennebaum Doll LLP writes about Kentucky legilsation that was introduced to…

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Freelancer trend creates new issue

The Minnesota Daily published an editorial on the new issues created by the trend towards more freelancers…

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IC misclassification finds result in hundreds of thousands in back wages

From Staffing Industry Analysts —  The United States Department of Labor reported companies that had to pay…

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You’re fired! Want to continue to work for us as an Independent Contractor?

From JDSupra Business Advisor, Jennifer Will of McNees Wallace & Nurick describes a case where an insurance company changed…

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Entrepreneur or Freelancer – What’s the Difference?

From tuts+, David Masters discusses the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs are typically independent…

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Are Snow Plow Drivers Employees or Independent Contractors?

As New England digs itself out of record breaking snow this year, snow plow drivers and heavy…

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The 2016 federal budget: targeting independent contractor misclassification as part of the “fissured workplace”

From Lexology and the Independent Contractor Compliance and Misclassification Legal Blog, Richard J. Reibstein, Lisa B. Petkun, and Andrew J….

Posted in Hawaii

Hawaii — Legislation advances seeking clarity for independent contractor status

From the Maui News —  Pamela Tumpap, president of the Maui Chamber of Commerce, writes about the…