Month: April 2015

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10 Reasons To Start a Freelance Career

From StartupHook, Panagiotis Semitekolos discusses ten (10) reasons to start a freelance career.  His first reasons are:…

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Companies accused of misclassifying workers to pay $700k in back wages, penalties

From AZCcentral, Laurie Merrill reports that sixteen individuals agreed to pay $700,000 in back wages and penalties…

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Do You Really Own All Your IP?

From JDSupraBusinessAdvisor, Shabbi Khan and Christoper McKenna of Foley & Lardner discuss the importance for startup companies of…

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Legal Protections for Independent Contractors?

From Barbara’s Blog, Barbara Weltman discusses some options for independent contractors who are not subject to employment…

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5 Tips On Moving From Freelance To Full Time Employment

From Business 2 Community, Lauren Riley offers good recommendations for freelancers who would like to become regular employees….

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What to Know Before You Hire Independent Contractors

From smallbizdaily, Andy Roe talks about  the key aspects that a small business should keep in mind…

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CEO Discusses Independent Contract Workers in the Workplace

From EHSToday, Sandy Smith reports her conversation with Matt Faustman, CEO of UpCounsel and a small business expert…

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Massachusetts says Taxi Drivers are Independent Contractors

In a recent decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) said that taxi drivers were independent contractors…

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FreshBooks – Freelancing 101: The 7 Legal Documents All Freelancers Need

From Freshbooks, Freshbooks provides a great list of 7 documents that all freelancer and independent contractors need….

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Jury to Decide if Technician who installed Satellite Dishes is an Employee

From the Association of Corporate Counsel, Rachel E. Burke reports on Keller v. Miri Microsystems, a case…

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Is that on-demand worker actually your employee?

From Crain’s New York Business, Elaine Pofeldt warns firms that hire independent workers through a platform like…

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NC workers’ deaths go uncounted

From the Charlotte Observer, Mandy Locke reports that workplace deaths of self-employed workers, owners of unincorporated companies…