Month: June 2019

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Tennessee Adopts 20-Factor Test in Independent Contractor Analysis 

From JDSupra, Adam Lounsbury, Suellen Oswald, and James Stock report that Tennessee has enacted a new law…

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Time To Revisit Arbitration Agreements: Employers Dealt A Blow By Unanimous Labor Board 

From Lexology,  Samantha Bononno, Reyburn W. Lominack III and Rick Grimaldi discuss a recent decision that should lead employers to…

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Time For A Checkup On Independent Workforce Arrangements |

From JDSupra, Adam L. Lounsbury, and Brendan Sweeney review recent developments relating to classifying workers as independent…

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Ninth Circuit upholds arbitration provision testing the “outer limits” of what constitutes an enforceable arbitration agreement 

From JDSupra, James Bogan III discusses a recent case with the “outer limits” of what is a…

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California District Court says payday lender’s arbitration provision is unconscionable 

From Lexology, Buckley LLP reports on a decision in which an arbitration was found to be unenforceable….

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Physician not a Hospital “Employee” for Title VII Purpose

From The National Law Review, Rachel L. Berry discusses a recent case in which a physician at a…

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Phlebotomists Settle Misclassification Case

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses a recent case in which phlebotomists settled a claim alleging that they…

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California Appeals Court Finds Arbitration Agreement with Independent Contractor Unenforceable

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses a recent case in California in which an arbitration agreement was unconscionable…

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The rise and targeting of the independent contractor 

The Daily Reporter provides guidance for Wisconsin employers to help them classify workers properly as employees on…

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Enforcing An Arbitration Agreement When The Federal Arbitration Act Does Not Apply 

From Lexology, Jed L. Marcus discusses two New Jersey cases which focused on whether arbitration agreements could…

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Employee Or Independent Contractor? It Depends On Why You’re Asking

From Mondaq, Azita Iskandar provides an excellent analysis of the classification of a worker as an employee…

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Arbitration Agreement For Company’s Transport Workers Enforceable Under New Jersey Law, Court Rules 

From JDSupra, Joshua Allen, Carlyle Edwards-Balfour, and James McDonnell discuss a recent case in which transportation workers in…