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Portrait of a Freelancer

From CreditDonkey — Thanks to Eko Prabowo for posting on Pinterest.  Related articles 5 important legal resources for…

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FedEx Ground Settles Drivers’ Independent Contractor Misclassification Case in Maine for $5.8 Million

From the Independent Contractor Compliance and Misclassification Legal Blog — 141 drivers classified as independent contractors by FedEx Ground…

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Drop in number of self-employed Indiana residents raises concerns about missed opportunities

  From the Daily Journal — What those numbers mean for the self-employed is uncertain, but fewer people…

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EMPLOYEE V. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR – Advice for Small Business Owners

From Business and Employment Lawyer Lori Brown — The next tip for those who own, or want to own,…

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Independent Contractors vs. Employees – Resource Magazine

From a 3 part series on independent contractors vs. employees in Resource Magazine —  The perils of misclassification are…

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Employee Vs Independent Contractor – Florida

From  Hiring An Electrician  — In general, an independent contractor is an individual who is in business for…

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Oregon court reverses ALJ and finds maintenance workers to be independent contractors

From Wolters Kluwer Law & Business — Noting that Oregon law does not require a worker to be…

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Independent Contractor (Self-Employed or Employee?)

From The Everyday Law Blog —  What is an independent contractor? An independent contractor is an individual…

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5 Differences Between a Contractor and an Employee

From QuickBoosk DocStoc — It’s important to correctly classify your employees and contractors accordingly. Not doing so…

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Independent Contractor or Employee? Why Does it Matter?

Thanks to Garabedian Group for posting the following infographic on Pinterest —  Related articles Independent Contractor Compliance: What Employers…

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What’s in a Name? The Risks and Rewards of Independent Contractor vs. Employee Job Classification

Thanks to Wunderland for preparing the following infographic — Related articles The independent contractor: to be or not…

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Why Employee vs Independent Contractor Classification Matters

From the iMediaConnection Blog — . Whether you are looking to hire talent for your business from a creative agency…