Author: Nathan S. Gibson

With deep experience in the temporary staffing industry, Nathan helps companies manage risk, increase compliance, and navigate complex legal requirements. Nathan provides clients with expertise and creative solutions to enhance flexibility and maintain compliance with changing requirements.
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Federal case sheds light on payroll fraud, wage theft and worker misclassification 

From the Wisconsin Examiner, Erik Gunn discusses the issues of wage theft, misclassification and payroll fraud in…

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A Jeff Foxworthy-Based Test for Independent Contractor Classification 

From JDSupra, Michael Kun provides a novel and memorable way to think about how to think about…

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Navigating the New World of Work: Is Contracting on the Way Out? 

Source: Navigating the New World of Work: Is Contracting on the Way Out? | Seyfarth Shaw LLP…

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Can Last-Mile and Logistics Companies Compel Arbitration of Independent Contractor ‎Misclassification Cases? 

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses the question whether delivery companies can compel arbitration of drivers misclassification claims…

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United States Department of Labor Obtains Order Compelling New Orleans Home Care Agency to Pay Back Wages and Damages to Misclassified Employees 

Source: Department of Labor obtains judgment ordering New Orleans-area home care agency to pay $630K in back…

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Key proposed regulations issued regarding prevailing wage and registered apprenticeship requirements

From JDSupra, David Blair, Xenia Garofalo, Anna Hargett, Benje Selan,  and Wes Sheumaker provide an excellent overview…

Posted in California

California Industrial Welfare Commission May Consider More Protections for California Employees

From JDSupra, Andrew Lichtenstein discusses areas that the California Industrial Welfare Commission may address when it convenes….

Posted in Minnesota

Minnesota Attorney General Forms Task Force on Worker Misclassification

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced the formation of a task force to study the issue of…

Posted in Ohio

Gig Workers Now Protected in Columbus, Ohio 

From JDSupra, Robert Gilmore, Maribeth Meluch, and Alan Rauss discuss recent code enacted by Columbus, Ohio that…

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Bill Aims to Clarify Independent Contractor Status for Real Estate Agents

From Realtor Maagazine, Melissa Dittmann Tracey reports that legislation has been introducted into Congress that would clarify…

Posted in Australia

Closing loopholes or creating a noose?

From JDSupra, Chris Gardner and Henry Skene discuss the Closing Loopholes Bill that was introduced in Australia….

Posted in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Attorney General Certifies Initiative Petitions that say App-Based Drivers are Not Employees

Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell determined that 34 initiative petitions met the requirements and could proceed…