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With deep experience in the temporary staffing industry, Nathan helps companies manage risk, increase compliance, and navigate complex legal requirements. Nathan provides clients with expertise and creative solutions to enhance flexibility and maintain compliance with changing requirements.
Alberta Canada
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Defining the Relationship: Independent Contractor or Employee?

From JDSupra, Madeleine Chauvet and de Lobe Lederman discusss a recent case in which the Alberta Court…

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Deel Workers Say Their Contractor Status Means Fewer Rights Than Employees

From Business Insider, Jenna Gyimesi and Rob Price report that workers at Deel, a fast growing startup that helps…

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State Law Can Serve as a Backstop to the Federal Arbitration Act

From JDSupra, John Phillips discusses a recent case in which Illiniois state law provided the basis for…

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US Department of Labor Claims Fair Labor Standards Act Does Not Allow Employer to Countersue Workers who Allege Misclassification

The United States Department of Labor announced that it is seeking a court order to dismiss claims…

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Employment-Related Litigation Risks and Insurance Coverage for Hospitality Companies in 2023

From JDSupra, Huiyi Chen and Jan Larson discuss litigation risks for companies in the hospitality industry including…

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California Labor Commissioner Cites Therapy Provider for more than $9 Million for Misclassifying 1,280 Employees 

The California Labor Commissioner found that part-time speech, physical, and occupational therapists were misclassified as independent contractors…

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California Court of Appeal Upholds Proposition 22 as Mostly Constitutional

From JDSupra, Adam Siegel and Benjamin Tulis discuss the California case in which the court said Proposition…

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Manhattan District Attorney Announces Creation of “Worker Protection Unit” to Combat Wage Theft

The Manhattan District Attorney announced the creation of a Worker Protection Unit to investigate and prosecute wage…

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California Employers May Wish to Update Their Arbitration Agreements in Light of New California Court of Appeals Decision Involving PAGA 

From JDSupra, Mark Neubauer and Justin Peters discuss a recent case in California relating to arbitration agreements…

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California Court of Appeals Rules that Proposition 22 is Constitutional…Mostly…For Now

From JDSupra, Jared Slater discusses the recent California appealate court decision that reversed the trial court’s determination…

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New Jersey is Becoming the Next California

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses developments in New Jersey that make it appear that New Jersey is…

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IRS to Clarify Guidelines for Misclassification Safe Harbors

From Bloomberg Tax (subscription required) Andrés Alejo reports that the IRS will take corrective action to clarify…