Author: Nathan S. Gibson

With deep experience in the temporary staffing industry, Nathan helps companies manage risk, increase compliance, and navigate complex legal requirements. Nathan provides clients with expertise and creative solutions to enhance flexibility and maintain compliance with changing requirements.
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6 Secrets to Self-Employed Happiness

From — whether you work for yourself or someone else, you are in charge of your career….

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Pizza Delivery With Employment Law Toppings

From Corporate Counsel – In the case, even though the defendant required drivers to incorporate and delineated their relationships…

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Employers skirt wage requirements

From the — “What is misclassification, exactly? Well, most federal and local wage laws apply only to “employees”…

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Virginia Significantly Raises Worker Misclassification Fines

From Sands Anderson PC – JDSupra — “Worker misclassification remains a number one target area for both state and federal…

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8 Myths About Freelancing You Need to Know Now

From LinkedIn —  “It must be said: freelancing has its perks. The option to take control of your career,…

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Roofer who worked as part of a team and was told where to go and what to do was an employee

From  WestlawNext (subscription required) — The Supreme Court of Oklahoma addressed the issues of employee or independent contractor in…

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The Independent Contractor: Who We Are  

From It’s My Business — The independent contractor fills key positions in a number of important industries. We make…

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The Self-Employed Mindset

From Kenji Crosland’s Blog — all that you need to become self employed is to adopt the self-employed mindset….

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Cal. Supreme Court Clarifies Standards for Class Certification of Independent Contract Class Actions

From Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP — The California Supreme Court said that the standard for certifying a…

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Realtors — Independent Contractor Status Frequently Asked Questions

From — “Worker classification laws at the federal and state levels as well as state real estate license…

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How to Prevent Independent Contractor Misclassification

From Employers Resource — Ask Yourself Some Honest Questions to Prevent Independent Contractor Misclassification However, the IRS does provide…

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Brokers and agents, beware! Misclassifying employees as independent contractors has potential to bankrupt your business

From Inman News – Protect yourself and your business Here is a partial list of areas where you may…