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With deep experience in the temporary staffing industry, Nathan helps companies manage risk, increase compliance, and navigate complex legal requirements. Nathan provides clients with expertise and creative solutions to enhance flexibility and maintain compliance with changing requirements.
Independent Contractor Compliance Blog by Pepper Hamilton
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December 2014 Independent Contractor Compliance and Misclassification Update

Every month Pepper Hamilton provide a great update on cases, regulatory and legislative initiatives and other current…

new years resolution worker misclassfication
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New Year’s resolutions for your business

From NYBIZ — Louis Pashman and Joseph Goldman offer five New Years resolutions for business owners including…

Keep the IRS Away
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New Years Resolutions That Actually Keep The IRS Away

From Forbes, Robert W. Wood provides 5 New Years resolutions to help keep the IRS from bothering…

Welcome to Misclassification
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Another Atlanta strip club sued by its dancers over wages

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution — David Markiewicz writes about the increasingly common occurrence nightclub dancers alleging that…

Uber license plate
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What Happens To Uber Drivers And Other Sharing Economy Workers Injured On The Job?

From Forbes, Ellen Huet does an excellent job describing the challenge that arises when an independent contractor…

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Call me a taxi! Were Massachusetts cab drivers employees?

From — David W. McBride discusses a recent case where a taxicab driver [Sagar] claimed that…

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CALIFORNIA: 5 new laws that will affect employers, workers

From the Press-Enterprise — Richard K. De Atley outlines 5 new laws that affect employers and employees in…

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More Problems for Uber and Lyft Drivers in Oregon

From — Drivers for Lyft and Uber are independent contractors and responsible for their own taxes….

Develop a Risk-Based Compliance Program
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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Compliance Officers

From Corporate Counsel — Ryan McConnell and Meagan Baker write about New Year’s resolutions for compliance officers…

make sure your independent contractors are really independent contractors
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15 for ’15: employment and labor resolutions for the New Year

From Lexology – Robin E. Shea and David P. Phippen offer 15 resolutions for the New Year,…

safe harbor
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IRS’ ‘safe harbor’ loophole frustrates those fighting labor tax cheats

From the Charolotte Observer — Misclassification is a widespread practice; companies can save 20 percent or more…

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Employee or Independent Contractor

From Credit Card Builders — Ari Page writes: An employee is an actual part of the company,…