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9th Circuit Says Arbitration Clause Did Not Cover Privacy Claims by Independent Contractor Drivers 

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses a recent decision by the 9th Circuit Cout of Appeals that said…

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Drafting Arbitration Clauses: An Institutional Perspective 

From JDSupra, Pragya Sharma offers terrific guidance for drafting arbitration agreements. Pragya writes: Back in 2015, as…

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Common Misconceptions About Confidentiality in Arbitration Proceedings 

From JDSupra, Rebecca Porter and Melissa Sarsten Polito discuss possible misunderstandings abouteh confidentiality of arbitration proceedings and…

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District Court upholds arbitration in website terms of use

From JDSupra, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP discusses a case in which the arbitration clause was part…

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State Law Can Serve as a Backstop to the Federal Arbitration Act

From JDSupra, John Phillips discusses a recent case in which Illiniois state law provided the basis for…

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California Employers May Wish to Update Their Arbitration Agreements in Light of New California Court of Appeals Decision Involving PAGA 

From JDSupra, Mark Neubauer and Justin Peters discuss a recent case in California relating to arbitration agreements…

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Ninth Circuit Decision in Live Nation and Ticketmaster’s Favor Highlights Subtleties of Drafting Enforceable Arbitration Provisions 

From JDSupra, Michael Lundholm and Anna McLean disuss a recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision which…

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The End of California’s Anti-Arbitration Statute: Ninth Circuit Holds AB 51 is Preempted by the FAA 

From JDSupra, Deisy Castro and Chris Jalian discuss the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals…

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Federal Appeals Court Blocks California’s Ban on Mandatory Arbitration Agreements: 7 Key Takeaways for Employers

From JDSupra, Anet Drapalski, Benjamin Ebbink, and Hannah Sweiss discuss the implications of the recent Ninth Circuit…

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Ninth Circuit Delivers Employers a Valentine – Blocks California’s Bar to Mandatory Employment Arbitration Agreements 

From JDSupra, Dan Forman discusses the recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that California’s…

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A Recent DoorDash Opinion Addresses Several Pivotal Arbitration Issues

From JDSupra, John Lewis discusses a recent case in which drivers were classified as independent contractors and…

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California federal court enforces “clickwrap” web agreement and compels arbitration of claims against Google

From JDSupra, Mark Levin discusses a recent case in which the court enforced a “clickwrap” arbitration agreement…