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The U.S. Department of Labor Intensifies Scrutiny of Wage and Hour Violations in the Home and Health Care Industry 

From JDSupra, Angelo Spinola provides an update on the United States Department of Labor’s initiative to focus…

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Coalition Comments on Employee or Independent Contractor Classification

A coalition of businesses and associations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, provided the following comments in…

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July is the New January – New State Laws Do Not Take the Summer Off 

From JDSupra, Jo Gbujama, Joy Rosenquist, and Bruce Sarchet provide an outstanding summary of new legislation that…

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Alabama, Georgia Lawmakers Make Uber, Grubhub Drivers Independent Contractors

From the Insurance Journal, William Rabb reports that Alabama and Georgia are poised to enact laws that make…

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Worker Classification Investigations Highlighted 

From JDSupra, Anne Knox Averitt and Bruce Ely discuss the IRS’s reminder to classify workers properly. Anne…

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State & Local Employment Law Developments: Q2 2021 

From JDSupra, Katharine Fenn and Tareen Zafrullah provide an excellent summary of recent state and local employment…

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Alabama Statute Establishes IRS 20-factor Test for Classifying Workers

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein reports on a new law in Alabama that establishes one standard, the IRS…

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PRO Act And ABC Test: No One Knows What The Effects Will Be

From Forbes, Erik Sherman provides an outstanding discussion of the possible effects of the Protecting the Right to…

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Flowers Foods Settles Another Misclassification Case

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein reports that Flowers Foods, maker of Wonder Bread and other baked goods, settled another…

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Eleventh Circuit Limits Reach of Arbitration Agreements

From The National Law Review, Edmund J. McKenna discusses a recent case in which the court said…

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Silence Isn’t Always Golden—Sometimes It Lands You in Class Arbitration 

From JDSupra, Stephen Parsley and Michael Pennington discuss a recent case in Alabama which serves a a…

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Time For A Checkup On Independent Workforce Arrangements |

From JDSupra, Adam L. Lounsbury, and Brendan Sweeney review recent developments relating to classifying workers as independent…