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It’s What I Said Before: DOL’s Opinion Reversal Does Not Sway Arkansas Federal Court

From JDSupra, Keith Anderson and Anne Yuengert discuss a recent case in which a court disregarded a…

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Three States Improve Independent Contractor Status Protection with New Laws 

From the Insights Association, Howard Fienberg reports on three states who changes their laws from the ABC…

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Three US states have already blessed Uber’s independent contractor employment model

From Quartz, Alison Griswold reports that three states — North Carolina, Arkansas and Indiania — have pass laws…

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Cable Installers are employees under Arkansas ABC Test

In TNT Cable Contractors v. Director, Department of Workforce Services 1 (2015 Ark. App 79), the appeals…

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More Exotic Dancers’ Misclassification Suits Dispute Clubs’ Business Model

From Bloomberg BNA —  “[C]ourts evaluating exotic dancers’ misclassification cases typically examine the business relationship itself, rather than relying…

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Delivery Truck Driver was an Independent Contractor, not an Employee, Arkansas Federal Court Rules

From the National Law Review — “A driver who owned and leased his delivery trucks and hired other…