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5 Ways California Employers Can Stay Ahead of the Next Problem 

From JDSupra, Lynne Hermle provides excellent advice for California employers some of which is terrific advice for…

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Ninth Circuit Upholds Arbitration in Data Breach Case: A Reminder for Businesses on the Importance of Terms and Conditions

From JDSupra, Alexis Buese and Erin Jane Illman discuss a recent case in which the court upheld…

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Electronically Signed Arbitration Agreements May Be Unenforceable in California

From JDSupra, Monique Eginli and Guillermo Tello discuss a recent case in California which serves as a…

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California Republicans target IC misclassification laws

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) reports that California Republicans announced that they were going to fight laws that…

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At Long Last, California District Court Permanently Enjoins Enforcement of AB 51

From JDSupra, Gregory Mersol discusses the history of the litigation over California’s AB 51, the statute that…

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Misclassified Caregiver Awarded $3 million 

From the  Asian Journal, Attorny C. Joe Sayas, Jr. reports on a case in which a caretaker was…

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California Privacy Protection Agency Proposes Rules for Automated Decisionmaking Technology

The California Privacy Protection Agency announced draft regulations govering the use of automated decisionmaking technology that include…

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Proliferating Pay Protection Laws Favoring Independent Contractors Create Perils for ‎Businesses

From JDSupra, Janet Barsky and Richard Reibstein discuss the increase in the number of laws and ordinances…

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California Property Owner Not Liable for Injury to Employee of Independent Contractor

From JDSupra, Catherine Dacre and Ping Wang discuss a recent case in California in which a property…

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Mega-Settlements in Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawsuits

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses two large settlements of misclassification lawsuits – one involving distributors and the…

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Employment Law Developments: Q3 2023 – Los Angeles and Montana

From JDSupra, Katherine Gordon and Tareen Zafrullah provide a terrific summary of employment law developments for this…

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California Industrial Welfare Commission May Consider More Protections for California Employees

From JDSupra, Andrew Lichtenstein discusses areas that the California Industrial Welfare Commission may address when it convenes….