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Judge approves preliminary class-action suit against Denver oil and gas companies 

From Colorado Politics, Michael Karlik discusses a class action lawsuit by safety consultants for oil and gas…

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State & Local Employment Law Developments: Q2 2021 

From JDSupra, Katharine Fenn and Tareen Zafrullah provide an excellent summary of recent state and local employment…

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Colorado bill set to make wage theft a felony 

From ConstructionDive, Kim Slowey reports on a Colorado bill that increases the penalties for not paying wages…

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Colorado Court of Appeals Confirms the Broad Scope of “Arising Under” Arbitration Agreements and Expands Duty-of-Loyalty Claims

  From JDSupra, Stephen Baumann II and Adrienne Scheffey discuss a Colorado case that interprets the phrase “arising under” broadly….

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Colorado to investigate construction worker misclassification 

From Construction Dive, Kim Slowey reports that Colorado Governor has established a task force to investigate misclassification of workers…

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Job Classification for the Colorado Employer – Employees v. Independent Contractors

  From Caplan and Earnest, Elizabeth Francis discusses Colorado’s right to control test for determining if a worker is an…

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Colorado Loses Millions Each Year to Businesses Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors 

  From TalentWave, Kimball Norup discusses a recent report that Colorado loses an estimated $23 million per…

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Colorado Loses Millions Each Year to Businesses Misclassifying Workers

    From Rocky Mountain PBS, Anna Boiko-Weyrauch discusses an analysis by Rocky Mountain PBS News.  The…

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Colorado Worker Laws: Deciding between an Employee and Independent Contractor

rom the Vaughn Law Offices, Justin G. Vaughn and Brandon D. Rains discuss the differences between an…

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Booming Colorado Construction Industry Prone to Worker Misclassification; Avitus Group Educates CO Employers on Independent Contractor vs. Employee Classification

From PRWeb, at press release announcing that Avitus Group launched an online Q&A forum answering worker classfiication…

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Employees or contractors? Last-minute bill in Colorado Legislature would sort out which is which

From the Denver Business Journal, Ed Sealover reports that a bill to define an independent contractor was…

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Employee or Independent Contractor? The Difference Matters

From the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group — For purposes of Colorado workers’ compensation law, a nine-factor…