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Employee or Franchisee? Or Both? 

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses recent cases in one of which the court said that franchisees were…

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Limo Drivers Settle Case Over Job Misclassification for $750,000 

From the Connecticut Law Tribune, Robert Storace reports on a case in which limousine drivers settled their…

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The Connecticut Supreme Court Aces Another ABC Test 

  From JDSupra, Michael LaVelle discusses the recent Connecticut Supreme Court Case in which the court said that an…

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Connecticut Supreme Court Confirms That Independent Contractors Are Not “Misclassified” Employees Simply Because They Only Work For One Company 

  From JDSupra, Mary Gambardella, Lawrence Peikes, and Joshua Walls  discuss the recent Connecticut Supreme Court case in which the…

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Connecticut Supreme Court Provides Guidance on Test for Independent Contractors 

From the National Law Review, Michael Colgan Harrington and Madiha M. Malik discuss a recent Connecticut Supreme Court case in which…

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FedEx Wins Connecticut Independent Contractor Appeals Court Case 

  From Transport Topics, Eric Miller reports that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of…

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The ABC’s Of Worker Classification Are Once Again Before The Connecticut Supreme Court 

  From JDSupra, Jonathan Orleans discusses a case before the Connecticut Supreme Court in which interpretation of…

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Inflatable Pig, Cat Used to Protest Alleged Worker Misclassification

  Workerscompcentral reports that a carpenters organization is using an inflatable cat, “Fat Cat”, and inflatable pig,…

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A Standardized Test Is Here: Connecticut Supreme Court Brings Clarity to the “ABC” Test for Independent Contractor Status 

    From JDSupra, Meredith-Anne Berger, Lynn Kappelman, and William Perkins  discuss the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision that service technicians…

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CT Gives Employers Using Independent Contractors A Big Victory 

      From JDSupra, Christopher Engler reports that the Connecticut Supreme Court said that the “place…

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Independent Contractors: Can You Still Use Them? 

  From JDSupra, Daniel Schwartz discusses whether you can still use independent contractors and he concludes that…

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Conn. Judge Says Exotic Dancers Must Arbitrate Wage Claims 

  From, Michelle Tuccitto Sullo reports that a Connecticut judge has held that exotic dancers must…