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Missouri Court Of Appeals Affirms: Pet Sitters Are Not Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Robert Tomaso discusses a case in which pet sitters were found to be employees and…

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Bow-Wow: Court Finds Pet Sitters Are Employees, Not Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Mark Tabakman discusses a case in Missouri in which pet sitters were found to be employees….

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Agreement to Arbitrate Acknowledged, Not Accepted, Eighth Circuit Says 

From Barnes & Thornburg LLC, Peter J. Wozniak and Mark Wallin discuss a recent case that said an arbitration…

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Two State Courts Reject Arbitration Because Clause Lacked Administrator 

  From Lexology, Liz Kramer discusses recent cases in Missouri and New Jersey in which the court…

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Eighth Circuit Affirms Order Compelling Arbitration, Rejecting Contract Defenses Of Unconscionability And Lack Of Consideration 

  From JDSupra, Michael Wolgin discusses a recent case in which the court upheld an order compelling arbitration as…

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Determining Independent Contractor Status-Eighth Circuit Weighs In

From the Employer Law Blog, Timm Schowalter writes “Recently, the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals weighed in…