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New Jersey Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development announces that Uber Paid $100M in Driver Misclassification Case

The New Jersey Deparement of Labor and Workforce Development announced that Uber paid $100 million as a…

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NJ Supreme Court Addresses Worker Classification and Independent Contractor Status Under ABC Test

From JDSupra, Irene Hseih discusses a recent case before the New Jersey Supreme Court in which the…

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Worker Classification Continues to Be Hot-Button Issue

From JDSupra, Alessandra Moore and Julie Levinson discuss a recent case in which the New Jersey Supreme…

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New Jersey High Court Says Separate Corporate Structure Not Enough to Establish Independent Contractor Status 

From JDSupra, David Ostern, Christie Pazdzierski, and Rachel Seaton Brownell discuss a recent case in New Jersey…

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Just Trucking Along: New Jersey Federal Court Rules Truck Drivers Were Misclassified as Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Emily Bordens and MaryJane Dobbs discuss a recent decision that said that drivers were misclassified…

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The ABC Test At Issue Before NJ Supreme Court: What Does A “Place of Business” Mean For Unemployment Law

From JDSupra, Mark Tabakman discusses a pending case in New Jersey which will address what it means…

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Kennedy v. Weichert Realtors: Employment Status of Real Estate Salespeople Under-Fire

From JDSupra, Zachary Kimmel discusses a recent case in which the New Jersey’s Appellate Court said that New…

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NJDOL, Treasury Raid Worksite in First Joint-Enforcement Action to Combat Worker Misclassification

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development announces the first joint enforcement action to fight…

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Effective Immediately – New Jersey Employers Face Even Higher Penalties For Misclassifying Employees As Independent Contractors 

From JDSupra, Randi W. Kochman and Marissa Mastroianni discuss the higher penalties for misclassifying workers that were…

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Tightening the Vise: N.J. Further Expands Power to Thwart Employee Misclassification

From JDSupra, Russell McEwan and Christie Pazdzierski discusses the expansion of  the powers of the New Jersey…

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NJ Continues Its Aggressive Crackdown on Independent Contractor Misclassification 

From JDSupra, Daniel Small, Glenn Smith, Robert Szyba, and Howard Wexler discuss the legislation recently enacted in…

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New Jersey Enacts Higher Penalties for Employee Misclassification

From JDSupra, Patrick McGovern and Daniel Pierre discuss the new penalties for misclassifying workers adopted by New…