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Ohio Court Does Not Have to Defer to Agency Interpretation

From JDSupra, Frank Merrill discusses a recent case in which the court said that it does not…

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Rolling the dice with independent contractors – employee misclassification can prove to be a risky and expensive game of roulette when an injury occurs!

From Lexology, Nicole R. Hunter discusses the risks of classifying a worker as an independent contractor if…

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Independent contractor or employee? Be sure you know from the start.

From JDSupra, Beverly Meyer discusses a recent case in which an employer was found to have misclassified workers…

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Ohio Supreme Court Finds Ditch Diggers Misclassified as Independent Contractors

From the Claims Journal, Jim Sams report that the Ohio Supreme Court said tht ditch diggers were…

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Ohio District Court Rejects Multiple Challenges to Electronically Signed Arbitration Agreement

From JDSupra, Gregory Mersol discusses a recent decision in Ohio that upheld an arbitration agreement that was electronically…

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Ohio Eighth District Court Of Appeals Reverses Enforcement Of Employment Arbitration Agreement

From JDSupra, Samia Kirmani, Patrick Peters, James Stone and Corey Donovan Tracey discuss a recent case in…

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Ohio Limits Joint Employment Status For Franchisors 

From Lexology, Mathew A. Parker reports on the new Ohio statute that limits the liability of franchisors as joint…

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You Win Some, You Lose Some: A Review Of Some Recent Misclassification Decisions 

From Mondaq, Richard R. Meneghello discusses three misclassification cases including an unusual one where the worker was a former…

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American Family granted appeal in case over agents’ employment status

From the Journal Sentintel, Paul Gores reports that American Family is appealing a ruling that agents were…

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Ohio Jury Says Insurance Agents were Misclassified

  From JDSupra, Richard J. Reibstein reports that an Ohio jury found that insurance agents were misclassified as…

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Three US states have already blessed Uber’s independent contractor employment model

From Quartz, Alison Griswold reports that three states — North Carolina, Arkansas and Indiania — have pass laws…

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Court Upholds Independent Contractor Status of Delivery Truck Driver 

OKAn alert from Calfee, Halter and Griswold reports that an Ohio appeals court held that a home delivery…