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Totality of circumstances, not single or multi-factor test, determines employee or independent contractor status, says Colorado Supreme Court

From Wolters Kluwer — In two recent decisions, the Colorado Supreme Court rejected single and multi-factor tests…

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Lowe’s takes a blow with seven figure settlement of independent contractor misclassification suit

  From Lexology — As the Lowe’s lawsuit demonstrates, drawing the line between independent contractors and employees is…

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Tennessee Targets Workers’ Comp Fraud in Construction Industry

From the Insurance Journal — “The Tennessee Department of Labor has been expanding efforts to uncover employer…

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Posted in Maine

FedEx Ground Settles Drivers’ Independent Contractor Misclassification Case in Maine for $5.8 Million

From the Independent Contractor Compliance and Misclassification Legal Blog — 141 drivers classified as independent contractors by FedEx Ground…

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Drop in number of self-employed Indiana residents raises concerns about missed opportunities

  From the Daily Journal — What those numbers mean for the self-employed is uncertain, but fewer people…

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Employee Vs Independent Contractor – Florida

From  Hiring An Electrician  — In general, an independent contractor is an individual who is in business for…

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Oregon court reverses ALJ and finds maintenance workers to be independent contractors

From Wolters Kluwer Law & Business — Noting that Oregon law does not require a worker to be…

Posted in Massachusetts

Independent Contractor (Self-Employed or Employee?)

From The Everyday Law Blog —  What is an independent contractor? An independent contractor is an individual…

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Can Your Independent Contractors be Deemed to be Employees?

From The National Law Review — New Jersey courts have consistently found that independent contractors are not deemed employees…

Posted in Arkansas

Delivery Truck Driver was an Independent Contractor, not an Employee, Arkansas Federal Court Rules

From the National Law Review — “A driver who owned and leased his delivery trucks and hired other…

Posted in Illinois

Illinois Supreme Court Protects Workers, Upholds Constitutionality of Employee Classification Act

From the Law Firm Newswire —  The Employee Classification Act protects construction workers from being misclassified as independent contractors…

Posted in California

Two janitorial companies to pay more than $1.5 million for worker misclassification

From Transportation, Safety, Human Resources Compliance – J. J. Keller & Associates —  The California Labor Commissioner issued citations…