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Preserve entrepreneurial spirit and protect independent contractors

From Central Maine — Small business owners, including myself, take the risk of starting a company because we believe…

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3 Things to Know About the Growth of a Freelance Nation

From TheStreet — A survey of freelancers indicates that social media did not lead to revenue.  “Social Media are…

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Independent Contractors for Global Organizations

From Fisher & Phillips LLP – JDSupra — “if you are considering hiring independent contractors overseas, or already do,…

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Nailing Down Independent Contractor Status

From — Erin Mindoro provides an excellent review of the Happy Nails and other independent contractor cases — Happy…

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6 Secrets to Self-Employed Happiness

From — whether you work for yourself or someone else, you are in charge of your career….

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Pizza Delivery With Employment Law Toppings

From Corporate Counsel – In the case, even though the defendant required drivers to incorporate and delineated their relationships…

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Employers skirt wage requirements

From the — “What is misclassification, exactly? Well, most federal and local wage laws apply only to “employees”…

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Virginia Significantly Raises Worker Misclassification Fines

From Sands Anderson PC – JDSupra — “Worker misclassification remains a number one target area for both state and federal…

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8 Myths About Freelancing You Need to Know Now

From LinkedIn —  “It must be said: freelancing has its perks. The option to take control of your career,…

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Roofer who worked as part of a team and was told where to go and what to do was an employee

From  WestlawNext (subscription required) — The Supreme Court of Oklahoma addressed the issues of employee or independent contractor in…

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The Independent Contractor: Who We Are  

From It’s My Business — The independent contractor fills key positions in a number of important industries. We make…

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The Self-Employed Mindset

From Kenji Crosland’s Blog — all that you need to become self employed is to adopt the self-employed mindset….