IRS Schedules C and E 2014
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Tax deductions for Self-Employed and Freelancers

From River Journal Online — Ron Friedman provides general guidance for the tax deductions for freelancers and self-employed workers….

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Legal Corner: Tax tips for self-employed workers

From Your Daily Journal — Bellonora McCallum provides helpful tax tips for self-employed workers.  She writes: There…

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Employees vs. Independent Contractors: The Consequences of Misclassification

From the National Law Review, Brittany Blackburn Koch associate at McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie and Kirkland, PLLC, discusses the…

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Oregon purse salesman: Independent contractor or employee?

From, Joanna Perini Abbot writes about a recent case involving a salesperson for high-end handbags.  She…

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Everything freelancers need to know about liability insurance

From the Freelancers Union — Most freelancers get liability insurance when they want work from a client…

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The Freelancer’s Guide To The Complicated Mess Of Tax Deductions

From Fast Company —  Samantha Cole writes about the tax deductions available to freelancers and self-employed workers.  In…

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The First Hire: Employee or Freelancer?

From Tweak Your Biz — Miles Young discusses the challenge of small business owners when it comes time to hire…

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Georgia committee approves panel to study misclassification

From the Florida Times Union, Walter C. Jones writes about Georgia legislators considering legislation to address…

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Reporter Mandy Locke on wage theft and the “misclassification” of workers by employers

From NC Policy Watch — If you weren’t able to attend NC Policy Watch’s Crucial Conversation with…

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Freelance becoming the norm

From the TribLIVE/The Washington Post, this story describes the shift away from traditional 40-hour-per-week employment towards more on-demand…

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The ultimate tax guide for freelancers

From the Freelancers Union – Lindsay Van Thoen put together a guide for freelancers and self-employed workers that includes links…

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New bill imposes penalty on Kentucky construction contractors who misclassify employees

From Lexology, Steven A. Brehm of Bingham Grennebaum Doll LLP writes about Kentucky legilsation that was introduced to…