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Employee or Independent Contractor Affects Insurance Coverage for NY Plumber

From Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Timothy Dodge reports a case where a plumber…

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Why many truckers choose independence

From the Press-Telegram — Within three short years, I went from working for others to owning and…

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Understand all of the tests related to independent contractor compliance

  From ICon Professional Services’ Blog — Many businesses rely on independent contractors for specific tasks. The main…

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Rehired Employee v. Independent Contractor

From Bloomberg BNA — “Rehired Employee v. Independent Contractor Thus far, this article has assumed that an…

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State’s crackdown on worker misclassification not all it’s cracked up to be

From New Hampshire Business Review — There is no question that the problem of misclassification is widespread in…

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Five Summer Must-Haves for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

From Forbes — Summer presents productivity challenges for everyone, but it can be especially distracting for freelancers…

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Exotic Dancers – Misclassified as Independant Contractors and Not Paid Overtime Pay

From Utah Employment Lawyer — Last week, six exotic dancers filed a collective action (class action) case against…

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Totality of circumstances, not single or multi-factor test, determines employee or independent contractor status, says Colorado Supreme Court

From Wolters Kluwer — In two recent decisions, the Colorado Supreme Court rejected single and multi-factor tests…

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Lowe’s takes a blow with seven figure settlement of independent contractor misclassification suit

  From Lexology — As the Lowe’s lawsuit demonstrates, drawing the line between independent contractors and employees is…

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The Tax Risks of Misclassifying Employees

From The National Law Review — Employers often prefer to hire independent contractors so that the employer can…

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A Peek into Freelancing

From Policy Bee —

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Tennessee Targets Workers’ Comp Fraud in Construction Industry

From the Insurance Journal — “The Tennessee Department of Labor has been expanding efforts to uncover employer…