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Lawsuits Challenge Independent Contractor Status

From the National Association of Realtors blog came the most shared story in 2014 — Real estate…

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Employee or Independent Contractor? How to Properly Classify Your Workers and Ensure Compliance

From Isperity, another on the year’s most shared stories about independent contractors.  Denise Kingland wrote: 5 red…

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Should I Hire an Independent Contractor or Employee?

Paychex’s The Sure Payroll Blog provided one of the most shared blog’s of 2014, according to BuzzSumo, addressing…

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6 Things to Consider When Making the Leap to Self-Employment

From the Huffington Post – Gina Horkey provides 6 things to consider when striking out on your…

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Employee or Independent Contractor? Seven Ways Independent Contractors Differ from Employees

Independent contractors are different from employees in many ways.  The following is a short presentation that highlights…

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Costs of an Employee Vs. Independent Contractor

From the Houston Chronicle — “Employee Costs In April 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that…

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Are Santa’s elves employees or independent contractors?

Are Santa’s elves employees or independent contractors? Or something else altogether.  Like all discussions of independent contractors…

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New Jersey’s Independent Contractor Rule

From Construction Law Musings – Richmond, VA —  A Principal Is Generally Not Culpable For The Wrongful…

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Independent contractor versus employee under California Labor Law

From Amir Kohan — There is no set definition of the term “independent contractor” and as such,…

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Independent contractor misclassification in California now riskier

From —  the trial court applied the definitions of “employ” and “employee” in Wage Order No….

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Employee or Independent Contractor: That is the Question!

From JDSupra Business Advisor — “The Supreme Court of North Carolina has established that the question of…

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To Be, Or Not To Be An Independent Contractor—That Is The Question

From Mondaq — John W. Hargrove writes:  “Whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor…