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Registered Representatives of Independent Broker-Dealers are Properly Classified as Independent Contractors

From the Financial Services Institute — The independent broker-dealer (IBD) business model focuses on offering financial solutions to…

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IRS Topic 762 – Independent Contractor vs. Employee

From  Walton Insurance Agency —  For federal employment tax purposes, the usual common law rules are applicable to determine…

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5 important legal resources for freelancers

From the Freelancers Union —  Working as a freelancer sounds pretty great in the beginning: you get to set…

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Court: Employee vs. independent contractor

From the Examiner Enterprise— The court has spoken again on the issue of employee vs. independent contractor. A…

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Independent contractor status — Colorado Supreme Court sets forth applicable test

From Lexology — Yesterday we posted an article describing the unsettled test for independent contractor status under Colorado’s unemployment…

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Totality of circumstances, not single or multi-factor test, determines employee or independent contractor status

From the  Employment Law Daily —  In two en banc decisions, the Colorado Supreme Court rejected single and multi-factor…

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If Exotic Dancers Aren’t Independent Contractors, Who Is?

From Mondaq:  Connecting Knowledge and People It is far better to internally uncover and proactively address misclassification…

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Employee vs. Independent Contractor: Ensure Proper Classification of Workers

From Meyers, Harrison & Pia, LLC. — A recent Forbes personal finance article “Independent Contractor Enforcement: There’s More…

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Worker misclassification still a problem in Texas

From the ICon Professional Services’ Blog. As this blog wrote last month, the state government of Texas just passed a…

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Employee or Independent Contractor? The Risks of Making A Wrong Decision Grow

From California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog —  Employers use independent contractors instead of employees for a variety of reasons…

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Independent contractor status dependent on more than one factor, says second Colorado court

From  Lexology — A second division of the Colorado Court of Appeals has just rejected a stringent, single-factor test…

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Massachusetts Employers May Be Liable to Out-of-State Employees Misclassified as Independent Contractors

From Holland & Knight — Massachusetts employers have long labored under the strictures of the Massachusetts independent contractor statute,…