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New Congressional Bill Would Create Hybrid Job Classification for Gig Workers – But is Already Facing Stiff Opposition

From JDSupra, Richard Meneghello and John Polson discuss a bill filed in Congress that would create a…

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Massachusetts Appeals Court Says Home Inspectors Were Independent Contractors — Not Employees

From JDSupra, Anthony Califano and Alexandra Hassell discuss a recent case in which the Massachusetts Appeals Court…

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US Department of Labor investigation recovers $229K in missed payroll, overtime wages for 809 misclassified construction workers in New Orleans

The United States Department of Labor that it recovered $229K for 809 workers misclassified as independent contractors….

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Employee Misclassification and the Gig Economy 

From JDSupra, Clifford Hammond reviews the differences between employees and indepndent contractors and some of the classification…

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Appeals Court’s Joint Employer Ruling Provides Possible Roadmap for Overturning Trump Rule

From JDSupra, Rick Hepp and Adam Primm discuss a decision by the United States Court of Appeals…

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Worker Classification Continues to Be Hot-Button Issue

From JDSupra, Alessandra Moore and Julie Levinson discuss a recent case in which the New Jersey Supreme…

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Massachusetts High Court Says Grubhub Delivery Drivers Must Arbitrate Claims 

From JDSupra, Joshua Nadreau discusses a decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) that says Grubhub…

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British Columbia, Canada Court of Appeal Upholds Determination That Three Taxi Drivers Are Employees

From JDSupra, Rhonda Levy and George Vassos discuss a recent case in which three taxi drivers were…

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US Department of Labor recovers $178K in back wages for 27 workers of Houston employer who misclassified them as independent contractors 

The United States Department of Labor announced the recovery of $178k in wages for construction workers who…

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White House Nominates Acting DOL Wage & Hour Administrator to Lead Division

From JDSupra, Justin Barnes and Jeffrey Brecher discuss the nomination of Jessica Looman, Acting Administrator of the…

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New Jersey High Court Says Separate Corporate Structure Not Enough to Establish Independent Contractor Status 

From JDSupra, David Ostern, Christie Pazdzierski, and Rachel Seaton Brownell discuss a recent case in New Jersey…

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Trucker Protest Over California Independent Contractor Law Shuts Down Port of Oakland

From JDSupra, Linda Auerbach Allderdice, Kristine Orozco-Little, and Jameson Rice provide an outstanding summary of the history,…