United States Supreme Court
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Supreme Court Permits Arbitration of Individual PAGA Claims

From JDSupra, Laura Devane, Robert Friedman, Julie McGoldrick, and Joseph Wientge Jr. discuss the United States Supreme…

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U.K.: Worker Status Does Not Depend on a Requirement for a Minimum Amount of Work

From JDSupra, Sinead Cuthill, Alex Denny, and Emma Vennesson discuss a recent case in which a worker…

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Seattle City Council Approves Wage Hike for App-Based Delivery Drivers: What Gig Economy Businesses Need to Know

From JDSupra, Catharine Morisset and Lisa Nagele-Piazza discuss an ordinance passed by Seattle’s City Council that is…

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DOL Announces Plan to Issue New Independent Contractor Final Rule 

From JDSupra, Justin Barnes, Jeffrey Brecher, and Adam Lounsbury discuss the announcement by the United States Department…

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U.S. Court of Appeals Offers Guidance on Applicability of Massachusetts Wage and Hour Laws to Out-of-State Workers

From JDSupra, Stephen Melnick discuss a recent case in which the First Circuit Court of Appeals said…

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New York State Legislature Seeks to Expand Employee Rights to Freelancers Statewide

From JDSupra, Michael Paglialonga and Paul Piccigallo discuss legislation passed by the New York legislature but not…

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5 Common Mistakes When Working with Independent Contractors

Some people don’t feel comfortable working corporate jobs. In most cases, salary is not the main reason….

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Solicitor General Recommends that the Supreme Court Not Hear the Appeal that the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act Preempts California’s AB5

  The Solicitor General of the United States filed a brief with the United States Supreme Court…

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Fifth Circuit Holds Directional Driller is an Independent Contractor Rather than an Employee for FLSA Purposes  

From JDSupra, Kelli Fuqua and Allison Williams discuss a decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appelas…

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California Cannabis Workers: Independent Contractor Exceptions 

From Lexology, Griffen Thorne does an outstanding job reviewing the requirements of California’s AB5 in connection with classifying…

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Section 530 and IRS Employment Tax Audits: Worker Classification and Relief 

From JDSupra, Matthew Robertsprovides a superb overview of worker classication and the possibility of avoiding liability, fines and…

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Ontario Superior Court Reviews the Factors Applied in Determining Independent / Dependant Contractor Status

From JDSupra, Alex Lemoine discusses a case in which the Ontario Superior Court discusses and decided a case…