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Trucker Protest Over California Independent Contractor Law Shuts Down Port of Oakland

From JDSupra, Linda Auerbach Allderdice, Kristine Orozco-Little, and Jameson Rice provide an outstanding summary of the history,…

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FTC and NLRB Announce Interagency Cooperation in the “Gig Economy”

From JDSupra, Miguel Lopez and Andrew Spurchise discuss the recent cooperation agreement between the Federal Trade Commission…

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New Collaboration Between Federal Agencies Spells Antitrust Trouble for Gig Economy – or Any Business with Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Alba Aviles discusses the recently announced collaboration agreement between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and…

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Federal Trade Commission, National Labor Relations Board Forge New Partnership to Protect Workers from Anticompetitive, Unfair, and Deceptive Practices 

The Federal Trade Commission announced a collaboration agreement with the National Labor Relations Board to protect workers…

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DOJ and NLRB Announce New Partnership to Enhance Enforcement in Labor Markets

From JDSupra, Sabrina Beldner, Benjamin Cook, Amy Manning, Christopher Michalik, Angelo Russo, Dana Rust, and Sarah Zielinski…

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National Labor Relations Board and Department of Justice Announce New Partnership to Protect Workers 

The National Labor Relations Board announced a formal partnership with the United States Department of Justice to…

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US Department of Labor recovers $166K in back wages for 106 workers misclassified as independent contractors by Houston auto services company 

The United States Department of Labor announced the recovery of wages and overtime for workers who clean…

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DOL Independent Contractor Saga Update Continues

From JDSuipra, Lawrence Lorber, Scott Mallery, and Leon Rodriguez provide an update on several issues including the…

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Savings Clause Results in Oregon Supreme Court Affirming Enforceability of Arbitration Provision

From JDSupra, Christine Sargent discusses a case in which the arbitration agreement had a savings clause which…

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US Department of Labor recovers $158K in back wages, damages for 91 workers at California warehouse after employer failed to pay workers

DRE Health Corp. hired extra workers to meet demand for COVID-19 masks BUENA PARK, CA – A U.S….

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Dayton home healthcare provider denied $133K in overtime to 63 workers, falsified pay records to mask violations, federal investigation finds 

The United States Department of Labor found that home health aides were misclassified at independent contractors.  DAYTON,…

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Teamsters Campaign Pays Off to Uphold Misclassification Law Protecting Drivers

The Teamsters worked with the California Attorney General to defend California’s independent contractor statute, AB5 from a…