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Make sure you get what you pay for with Independent Contractors: Pitfalls of a “Work Made for Hire” Agreement

  From JDSupra, Christopher Kunke and Bryan Cave discuss the risks of including a “work made for…

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Intellectual Property for Freelancers: I Created It, So I Own It …. I Think

From Freelance/Austin, Emily Morris reviews some of the challenges freelancers face regarding who owns intellectual property.  Emily…

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Employers Must Provide a Notice of Immunity in Any Contract or Agreement that Governs the Use of Trade Secrets or Confidential Information 

  From Lexology, Frank J. Del Barto and Nancy E. Sasamoto of Masuda Funai & Mitchell Ltd…

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Do Your Employee/Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreements Comply With New DTSA Notice Requirements? 

  From Fox Rothschild, Jim Singer discusses the new requirement that an employer provide notice of the…

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Work-For-Hire Clauses and Agreements: One Key to Intellectual Property Ownership

  From Lexology,  David O.Klein of Klein Moynihan Turco, LLC  offers recommendations for addressing work-for-hire provisions for independent…

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If It’s Worth It, You Should Work It (As a Work Made for Hire)

From JDSupra, Ivy Clarice Estoesta and Monica Riva Talley discuss the importance of protecting intellectual property rights…

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7 Essential IP Law Considerations for Startup Entrepreneurs 

From JDSupra, Jordan L. Walbesser offers 7 intellectual property recommendations for startup companies, including reminders that a startup…

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Covenant Gardens: Demystifying Noncompetition Agreements

From the Graphics Artists Guild, Philip I. Frankel explains the variuos types of  non-competition agreements (NCAs), what…

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Indemnity clauses leave freelancers open to lawsuits

From Poynter, Dawn Fallik and Jonathan Peters discuss the risks that face freelancers and independent contractors who sign…

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Do You Really Own All Your IP?

From JDSupraBusinessAdvisor, Shabbi Khan and Christoper McKenna of Foley & Lardner discuss the importance for startup companies of…

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Judge rules on Independent Contractor’s Trade Secret Claim

From the Association of Corporate Counsel, Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl LLC report a case in which…

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Work Made For Hire Clauses in Contractor Agreements – Are You Really Getting What You Bargained For?

From WITI, Erica Bristol discusses the issues of having a “work made for hire” clause in a…