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California High Court Makes Landmark Independent Contractor Ruling Retroactive

From Courthouse News Service, Maria Dinzeo reports that the California Supreme Court said that the ABC test…

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Freelancing During the Biden Administration: Will the “ABC” Test Go Federal? 

From JDSupra, Charles Shute, Jr. makes predictions for how a Biden administration will affect independent contractor classification….

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California Court of Appeal Rules That the FAAAA Does Not Preempt State’s Controversial Independent Contractor Test 

From JDSupra, Kevin Vozzo discusses a recent case in which the California Court of Appeals said that…

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California ABC Test Not FAAAA-Preempted

From JDSupra, Elisa Dun and David Kadue discuss a recent California case in which the court said…

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AB 5 Update: Newspaper Carriers Secure (Another) One-Year Exception 

From JDSupra, Michael Lotito, James Paretti, Jr. and Bruce Sarchet report that newspaper carriers have an exception…

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California and San Francisco ballot measures raise important worker classification issues

From JDSupra, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP discuss two ballot measures – Proposition 22 which applies to all…

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“Yes” on Prop 22 in California Brings Relief to Rideshare and App Delivery Services; Legal Challenges Will Continue Under Federal and Other State Laws 

From JDSupra, Richhard Reibstein The results are in. Voters in California don’t want their rideshare and app-based…

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Passage of Proposition 22 Provides Independent Contractor Exemption for Uber, Lyft, and Other Online-Based Transportation Businesses

From JDSupra, Jack Schaedel  and Jamin Xu provide a terrific summary of Proposition 22 and its impact….

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California Supreme Court To Hear Oral Arguments On Retroactive Application Of Dynamex

From JDSupra, Erika Barbara Pickles  reports that the California Supreme Court is hearing arguments on whether Dynamex,…

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5 Most Significant Gig Economy Developments In September 

From JDSupra, Richard Meneghello discusses the top gig economy developments in September including the Department of Labor’s…

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AB2257: Not Much Better Than AB5 for Most Industries in California Using Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses the changes to California’s AB5 law. Richard writes: Many independent contractors complained…

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AB 5 “2.0” – California Tweaks its Independent Contractor Ban

From JDSupra, Audrey Nguyen and Jennifer Rubin provide a helpful guide to the changes made by AB…