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Ninth Circuit revisits standards for enforcing online arbitration provisions

From JDSupra, Mark Levin discusses a recent case in which the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reviews…

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The Pros – and Cons – of Arbitration Agreements with Class Action Waivers 

From JDSupra, Michael Kun provides an analysis of the pros and cons of mandatory arbitration agreements with class…

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FAIR Act: U.S. House Passes Bill Eliminating Mandatory Arbitration Agreements

From JDSupra, Robert Gilmore and Hannah Kraus discuss the House’s passage of a bill that would prohibit…

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Top 3 Questions You Should be Asking about the New Federal Act Invalidating Mandatory Arbitration and Class Action Waivers of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Disputes

From JDSupra, Tara Porterfield and E. Phileda Tennant discuss three key questions that stem from the new…

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The End of Arbitration? What the “Me Too” Law Means for the Future of Employment Arbitration

From JDSupra, Sebastian Clarkin and Barbara Hoey discuss the implications of the ban on mandatory arbitration for…

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President Biden Signs Legislation Limiting Arbitration Provisions Relating to Sexual Assault and Harassment Claims 

From JDSupra,Cameron Haynes reports that President Biden has signed into law bipartisan legislation prohibiting mandatory arbitration of…

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SCOTUS to decide whether FAA preempts California’s prohibition on the arbitration of PAGA representative claims 

From JDSupra, James Bogan III reports that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will consider…

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Postmates Compels Arbitration of Misclassification Claims and Settles for $4,750

From Reuters, Daniel Wiessner reports on a settlement of claims by Postmates workers alleging that they were…

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California Appellate Decision Highlights Importance of Ensuring Consistency Between Prime Contract and Subcontract 

From JDSupra, Blake Robinson discusses the importance of having consistent dispute resolution provisions, including a requirement to…

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I Didn’t Agree to That! Court Holds No Arbitration without Offer and Acceptance.

From Lexology, Nicholas Ruble and Madeline Nagel discuss a recent case in which the court said that acknowledging a…

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Ninth Circuit Vacates Preliminary Injunction Against Enforcement of Mandatory Employment Arbitration Agreement Ban 

From JDSupra, Amy Patton and Tyler Runge discuss the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that AB51,…

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The Arbitration Whipsaw Continues – Court Reinstates Portions of California Prohibition of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements 

From JDSupra, Benjamin Ebbink and Phillip Simpler discuss a recent case in which California’s s statute, AB51,…