10 Best Freelance Sites To Find Jobs 


From the Huffington Post, Larry Alton provides a list of 10 of the best websites to find freelance jobs.  He writes:

As the demand for highly skilled, specialized employees increases and more top businesses turn to freelancers, an increasingly high number of people are tuning in to the many advantages of becoming a freelancer. Today, over one third of people working in the U.S. are freelancers in some capacity, and lifestyle trends like digital nomadism are rising in popularity. Much to their surprise, freelancers hoping to take advantage of the added freedom that this lifestyle offers are also discovering that they’re able to make just as much as they did working traditional jobs.

Plenty of freelancing job how-tos and online platforms exist, and it definitely helps to have a wide network of connections that could turn into future clients. However, if you’re after competitive rates and intriguing contracts, finding success as a freelancer may require you to establish and showcase a record of happy clients and make the effort to explore multiple freelancing platforms.

Here are the best websites to find freelance jobs.

1.  Toptal….

2.  Upwork

3.  Craigslist….

Read the full story at 10 Best Freelance Sites To Find Jobs 

Another site for Freelancers to find jobs is Outsourcely. Please check it out!!

See also https://blogging.im/freelance for resources, links and tools that will help freelance writers find more (and better) work.

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3 thoughts on “10 Best Freelance Sites To Find Jobs 

  1. Good links, I haven’t heard about those. Thanks! There are also a lot of special websites for translators, copywriters. I have tested several and I have been using one of them for about 5 months – https://uatxt.com/
    I was lucky to get few constant clients at once and now I have job all the time.

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