10 reasons why freelancing is like dating

From Freelancers Union — Katie Hamill offers 10 ways in which freelancing is like dating.  She writes:

1. Playing the field is fun, but exhausting

You entrepreneurial Don Juan, you.

When you’re working as a freelancer, some part of you is always on the lookout for a better gig. With each new contact, comes new potential… and new negotiation about expectations. It can be exciting to jump from prospect to prospect – but it’s also remarkably time-consuming and enervating. Unseen surprises are waiting to surface with every client: sometimes good, sometimes hair-raisingly bad.

2. You shouldn’t commit until they do

Nothing is more bewitching than the first flush of romance. But don’t throw out that little black book on a whim – give it a little bit of time first.

It can be tempting to block out big chunks of your calendar for every prospective client; to start building freelance castles in the air and adding wildly optimistic figures to your budget. But every seasoned freelancer has horror stories of dream clients that promised the moon – and then suddenly disappeared. Don’t fully commit yourself until you know it’s the real deal… and that means a signed contract.

3. You’ll find a lot of mismatches and false starts

The description of the gig looked great. You sent in your resume and a few samples – and they replied enthusiastically, with one little catch: right now, they’re not actually, uh, offering pay? But it’s great exposure!

Back to the drawing board, freelance friend. You’ll find the One someday.

4. When it’s a great fit, you’ll know

Sometimes, it just seems like destiny.

The clients who give you interesting, engaging work; who want to develop long-term relationships with you; who pay well (and on time) – eventually, you’ll find them. And when you do, you’ll want to lock those suckers down… because true freelance love is hard to find.

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