10 reasons why it was great to be a freelancer this holiday season

holiday office party

From the Freelancers Union — for many freelancers and independent contractors, it is pretty great all year long — independence to set your own work schedule, deciding where to work, and selecting the projects on which you will work.  But the holidays can be great also, and Kate Hamill provided a list of 10 reasons it was great to be a freelancer this year.  They include:

1. Flexible schedule means that you have the freedom to nurse keen champagne hangover on January 2nd.

2. Ever-evolving work responsibilities gave you convenient excuse to avoid your mother’s when are you going to settle down and give me a grandkid? talk. “Oops, Ma, sorry, my client desperately needs this presentation drafted… yep, and on Christmas Eve, too.”

3. Obligatory “office party” involved you, Netflix, pizza, and your couch.

4. “Freelancer” had vaguely cool ring to it when running into high school acquaintance at home town supermarket. If only you weren’t wearing your brother’s moth-eaten sweatshirt while juggling two pints of melting Chunky Monkey and an US Weekly…

5. Holiday meals provided much-needed break from typical freelance diet of takeout and peanut butter licked off of single spoon. A real plate? What is this, Buckingham Palace?…

See the full list at  10 reasons why it was great to be a freelancer this holiday season

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