16 Ways freelancers can help one another

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From the Freelancers Union, Lindsay Van Thoen offers 16 ways in in which freelancers acna help each other.  The first few are:

1. Change your mindset. The first thing you can do — which is the foundation of all the other things in this list — is get out of a competitive mindset that prevents you from interacting with other freelancers and sharing your experience with them. More connections = more gigs, solidarity, sharing experiences, more referrals, etc.

*2. Have too much work? *Refer your client to another freelancer in your field. This kind of thing comes back to you — the more you refer, the more that other freelancer will want to return the favor when they’re busy!

3. Share how much you get paid. Some people are too nervous to talk about money, but I think sharing price ranges is crucial to prevent the “race to the bottom” in many freelance fields. If new freelancers try to price in the dark, they tend to price low, and this pushes the market’s rates down.

4. Write blog posts or start a podcast to talk about what you’re learning. Share your experience freelancing with other people in your field. Let other freelancers know what to do in certain situations that you’ve confronted. (This is also a great way to increase the size of your network.)

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