25 of the Best Cities for Freelancers to Work and Play

Los Angeles skyline photo
Photo by mlinksva

From Small Business Trends — Annie Pilon reports on the 25 best cities for freelancers.  The list includes Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Oklahoma City and more. Annie writes:

“Freelancing has become a major trend in the small business world over the last few years. And it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. While more businesses are realizing the benefits of employing freelance workers, more individuals are finding contract work to either supplement or replace their traditional jobs.

And although freelancers can usually work from anywhere, some places are definitely more freelancer friendly than others. Zen99, a provider of tax and insurance tools for freelance workers, recently put together a list of the top cities for freelance workers, based on several different factors….”

Read the full story at 25 of the Best Cities for Freelancers to Work and Play.

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