3 Top Tips to Help Contractors and Freelancers Succeed 

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From SMBCEO, Ivan Widjaya offers three recommendations for freelancers and independent contractors.  Ivan writes:

1. Use the cloud for contractor accounting

One essential no contractor should go without is cloud based software. It keeps everything in one place. This is especially important when it comes to a contractor’s accounts.

Keeping track of payments, bills and client information is key whether you’re working from home or a rented office.

Specialist accountants to contractors, 3 Wise Bears recommend the use of software like FreeAgentand Xero. Tools like this can allow you to update accounts on the go and thus make quick fire decisions. Having financial foresight is so important when working independently, as you always need a safety net, and thus being able to have instant access to information can help save the day regularly. Your clients will also be able to view their bills online, making it easy for you both to check payments have been made.

2. Don’t forget tried and tested marketing: mailing lists & cold calls

Online marketing can be the most efficient way to drum up new business when you’re first starting out. However, freelance contractors often overlook certain marketing opportunities that are seen as time consuming or a bit dated, like email marketing, flyering and cold calling.

Once you have a few clients, or if you are looking to start building connections, email marketing can be a good place to start. Especially if you work in B2B industries, mailing lists specialists Electric Marketing recommend that you send an email with fresh research you’ve done or new findings that would be useful to them. Avoid simply selling. Building connections by sharing information is still organic and gives you both added value.

Similarly, don’t be afraid of cold calling companies where you think your services would be useful. Always start with helpful advice and avoid telling them they are doing something wrong. Criticism should only come from someone with a strong reputation or in depth knowledge. If nothing else, get on someone’s books should they need your details in the future. If possible, follow up with an email to summarise your call. This will also help you build a mailing list for future advertorial use.

Source: 3 Top Tips to Help Contractors and Freelancers Succeed | SMALL BUSINESS CEO

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