6 Ways The Freelance Economy Can Affect The Presidential Election

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From the Huffington Post, John Rampton discusses six (6) ways in which the freelance economy can affect the presidential elections.  He writes:

Workplace Protections

Hillary Clinton noted back in July that the freelance economy is going to raise some major questions about what workplace protections look like in the future. For example, this will call into question how many companies are misclassifyingg workers as freelancers so they can avoid giving benefits.

She also noted how this will bring into question what a good job for the American people actually looks like. Many people are quitting their jobs so they can have more flexibility, could that lead to mandates such as requiring companies to give family leave to their employees?

Retirement and Healthcare

Two other areas in which this will really affect the workplace is retirement and health care. If more people are freelancing, what does that mean for their retirement and health care needs? These are things that are currently being covered out of pocket my a third of the American workforce.

Income Equality

Another reason many have decided to freelance is because they can make more money. In many ways, it was the answer to a down economy which has now led to innovation and opportunity for millions of Americans.

In an article released in The Guardian, economist Thomas Piketty mentioned how a freelance economy means there is less likelihood that all the wealth will end up in the hands of a few corporations, which is exactly what we have seen occurring over the last two centuries.

Read the full story at 6 Ways The Freelance Economy Can Affect The Presidential Election

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