7 Things People Assume About Freelancers — No, My Life Is NOT Just Like Carrie Bradshaw’s

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From Bustle, Meredith Lepore writes about myths and misconceptions about freelancing.  She shares amusing anecdotes and her piece has some terrific GIFs, so I highly recommend it.  She discusses common misconceptions and the reality of life as a freelance. She writes:

“But you quickly realize what people think your daily life is like the minute the words “freelance” come out of your mouth. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions.

1. You do nothing all day

A friend of mine was taking Friday off to go to the DMV in New Jersey in the afternoon, and asked if I wanted to come with. Of course, we all want emotional support at the DMV and in New Jersey in general, but really? Did she think I was just home twiddling my thumbs all day?

I also love (hate) it when my friends ask why I didn’t go to a yoga class in the middle of the day instead of after 6 p.m. Yes, you do have more flexibility when you work freelance, but you are still trying to get sh*t done in a timely fashion. According to The Economist, freelancers work longer hours than full-time employees —It comes out to around 6 percent more hours per week.

2. You don’t get dressed

This is one of the most common misconceptions. If I am talking with a friend during the day and they know I am working at home, they ask if I am in my pajamas. Now, I am a fan of pajamas as much as the next girl, but a big rule in freelance is that even though you could work in your underwear all day, you shouldn’t. You should get up and get dressed as if you were in public. Sure you don’t need to wear a suit or high heels, but wearing real clothes will make you feel more productive….”

Read the full story at 7 Things People Assume About Freelancers — No, My Life Is NOT Just Like Carrie Bradshaw’s

Photo by xploitme

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