8 Myths About Freelancing You Need to Know Now

From LinkedIn —  “It must be said: freelancing has its perks. The option to take control of your career, the opportunity to earn more without waiting for the next performance review from your boss, the chance to say no to work that you don’t want to do–all these are valid reasons why a lot of people quit their regular jobs and begin their freelancing journey.

It also must be said: freelancing has its drawbacks, with myths often (willingly or unwillingly) perpetuated by successful outliers who do not necessarily represent the experiences faced by the majority (and encouraged by scheming individuals out to profit from clueless people with their esoteric freelancing financial success e-books.)

While this is not meant to be a tome on the perils of quitting one’s job and going freelance, we should acknowledge the challenges that freelancers face and prepare everyone with the world that awaits those who plan to take this route.

Here are the top myths you need to know about freelancing:…”

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