Average hourly freelance worker wage is $21, global survey finds

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Staffing Industry Analysts reports that the global hourly freelance wage is twenty-one dollars per hour ($21.00).  They write:

The worldwide average hourly rate charged by freelancers is $21, according to a survey of 23,000 freelance workers around the globe by Payoneer, an online payments firm that works with online staffing and service providers as well as others. Almost half of freelancers charge under $10 an hour for their work. 40% charge between $11 and $30, and 18% command more than $30 per hour.

The income survey confirmed that certain skill types demand significantly higher rates than others. Freelancers providing legal services charge an average of $31 per hour, significantly higher than the $21 rate charged by freelancers working in sales and marketing or the $17 rate charged by writing and translation freelancers….”

Read the full story at Average hourly freelance worker wage is $21, global survey finds.

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