Become a Freelancer | 4 Myths You Should Know About 



From Talent Thread, Brittany Johnson dispels four myths about freelancing including myths about clients paying in a timely manner and that it’s a lonely lifestyle.  Brittany writes:

Myth 1: Business comes to you

According to our resident freelancer, Natasha Lopoukhine, a common misconception is “You hang up your shingle, and business just rolls in,” which is far from the truth. Like any other job, as a freelancer you have to work hard to climb the ranks and incorporate new business into your clientele base. Freelancing may be even more challenging than a permanent position since freelancers are the only ones in control of “marketing themselves and prospecting” says Natasha.

As a freelancer you don’t just deliver the final product and your work is done. You must actively seek new work and ensure that all your clients are happy. This is an ongoing process since the majority of freelance work comes through referrals.

If you want to avoid the uncertainty and inconsistency you can “work with a company like 24 Seven where they find the gigs for you”. Once you get acquainted with a freelance management team like we have here at 24 Seven, the idea of finding your next gig is less daunting.

Myth 2: No benefits

One of the myths that leaves non-freelancers skeptical is that it is assumed you don’t get benefits. Natasha puts that rumor to rest by stating, “Well the ACA (Obamacare) has made this less of an issue”. The assumption freelancers don’t receive benefits can be a deal breaker for employees looking to make the switch from 9-5 to freelance. Many workers considering freelance may also be looking to start a family if they haven’t already and not having benefits is quite a drawback. Luckily times are changing and who knows what the future holds. If Forbes’ prediction is right, by the year 2020 50% of the population will be freelancing.

Natasha also states that, “if you work with a recruiting company like 24 Seven, you can get health benefits through them” since our freelancing positions typically include some degree of benefits, (apply to a freelance position and find out today). As you can see the idea that freelancers don’t receive benefits isn’t always the case.

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