Benefits of Independent Contractors Liability Insurance


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Contractors Insurance offers terrific guidance on the benefits for independent contractors of obtaining proper insurance.  They write:

1099 employees are usually not covered by traditional workers’ compensation insurance. This means that if you are involved in an accident or injury on site, the company may not be required to cover your medical and recovery expenses. In order to be sure that you can handle such situations, independent contractors are required to cover their own risk on a job site. Independent contractors liability insurance can be expensive, but there are many reasons why you should carry coverage.

Legal Battles

Injuries on the job often end up involving costly legal battles. Without proper insurance, the fees for court filings, attorney fees and the cost of the injury itself can get far out of hand very fast. It is vital that some sort of injury coverage is available to offset these causes. Otherwise, both the injured party and the business could face financial ruin over a simple injury.

Protecting the Worker

The most obvious benefit of insurance is protection. If you get hurt on the job, you will want to be sure your injuries will be treated by legitimate medical professionals. Insurance is the only way to accomplish this.

Insurance provides defense against far more than injury. If you are neglectful in your duties and get involved in a lawsuit, insurance will protect you from court-related losses. Consider, for example, that you are involved in an accident and have to go to court. Without liability insurance, you could end up broke from legal fees.

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