British Swim School Opens in Westford and Bedford

a young swimmer in a poolA good friend of mine, Tapanee Thompson, and her husband have become entrepreneurs and recently opened a franchise of the British Swim School.  I am always impressed by people who strike out on their own and I wish them much success.  I was excited to learn about the British Swim School.

The British Swim School (BSS) uses proven methodologies that empower people to save their own lives. Through their teaching, children as young as three months old are able to learn the back float, enabling them to rest, breathe and call for help. This alleviates the “silent” danger of floating face down. Over the last 33 years, the British Swim School founder Rita Goldberg has worked continuously to develop, improve and fine-tune our methods.  They have classes for people of all ages.

At British Swim School, they don’t just teach children how to swim. They teach survival skills, building confidence among students and their families. They promote love and respect for water and foster abilities that can translate to lifelong enjoyment.
They have just opened a location in Westford, MA and will be opening in Bedford, MA on 12/1/2015. Please visit and for more information.
british swim school

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