California Postmates Couriers $32M Class Action Settlement 

TopClassActions reports that California Postmates drivers may be eligible for benefits in a settlement with Postmates for $32 million.

Certain current and former California couriers who delivered to customers using the Postmates app could be eligible to benefit from a $32 million class action settlement claims over worker misclassification.

Included in the Class are all individuals who entered into an agreement with Postmates to use the Postmates platform as an independent contractor to offer delivery services to customers and used the platform as an independent contractor courier to accept or complete at least one delivery in California between June 3, 2017, and Jan. 1, 2021.

A class action lawsuit had claimed Postmates improperly classified certain California Postmates couriers as independent workers in violation of state labor laws.

Postmates couriers deliver goods such as food from restaurants, groceries, and alcohol to consumers using the Postmates app. The service is available in cities throughout the United States.

The company denies the allegations put forth in the class action lawsuit.

Source: California Postmates Couriers $32M Class Action Settlement – Top Class Actions

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