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Ninth Circuit Joins California Court of Appeal in Rejecting FAAAA Preemption of AB 5 as Applied to Motor Carriers 

From JDSupra, Amy Patton and Tyler Runge discuss the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals…

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Employment Law Issues to Consider Before Including Work Made for Hire Clauses in Contractor Agreements

From JDSupra, Chandra Andrade, Nate Garhart, and Rebecca Stephens provide a terrific summary of the risks of…

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9th Circuit says AB5 is Not Preempted by the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act (FAAAA)

In CTA V. Rob Bonta, No. 20-55107, D.C. No.3:18-cv-02458- BEN-BLM, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed…

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Independent Contractors Denied Class Action Status Under the Dynamex ABC Test 

From JDSupra, Alison Tsao discusses a California Court of Appeal’s case in which the court did not…

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California Court of Appeal Rules Alleged Contractor Misclassification Not Enough to Justify Class Action

From JDSupra, Michael Newman discusses a recent case in which a California Court of Appeals said that the…

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California DAs Sue Gig Company for Misclassifying Workers 

From the Courthouse News Service, Nicholas Lovino reports that two California district attorneys are suing Handy, a…

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Even After Passage of Proposition 22, California Supreme Court Refuses to Review Order Enjoining Certain Businesses from Classifying Rideshare Drivers as Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Kevin Vozzo reports that the California Supreme Court denied the petitions from ride-sharing companies to…

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Worker Classification “ABC Test” is Retroactive, Per CA Supreme Court 

From JDSupra, Monte Grix discusses the recent case by the California Supreme Court that said that the…

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Driving in Reverse? Uber/Lyft Drivers Seek to Undo California’s Proposition 22

From JDSupra, Jack Schaedel and Jamin Xu discuss a challenge to California’s Proposition 22 which was a…

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California Supreme Court Answers The Ninth Circuit: Dynamex Applies Retroactively 

From JDSupra, James Carter and Kelli Winkle discuss the California Supreme Court’s decision to apply retroactively the…

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California High Court Makes Landmark Independent Contractor Ruling Retroactive

From Courthouse News Service, Maria Dinzeo reports that the California Supreme Court said that the ABC test…

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In Case You Missed…California Legislative Changes Coming In 2021 

From JDSupra, Kelly Gemelli reviews employment law changes coming in 2021 including those relating to independent contractors….