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Emerging healthcare gig economy: an Uber driver in scrubs

From Capitol Weekly, Brian Crone, the owner of The Law Office of Brian Crone, an attorney specializing…

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Hearst settles independent contractor rights class action for nearly $1 million

From Courthouse News Service, Natalie Hanson reports that Hearst settled misclassication claims by newspaper delivery contractors. Natalie…

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The Status of Independent Contractors in California in 2023 

From JDSupra, James Carter discusses the state of independent contractors in California which seems to be constantly…

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Court says California Grubhub Delivery Driver was an Employee

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses the decision by a federal court that said a California Grubhub delivery…

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California Labor Commissioner Cites Therapy Provider for more than $9 Million for Misclassifying 1,280 Employees 

The California Labor Commissioner found that part-time speech, physical, and occupational therapists were misclassified as independent contractors…

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California Court of Appeal Upholds Proposition 22 as Mostly Constitutional

From JDSupra, Adam Siegel and Benjamin Tulis discuss the California case in which the court said Proposition…

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California Employers May Wish to Update Their Arbitration Agreements in Light of New California Court of Appeals Decision Involving PAGA 

From JDSupra, Mark Neubauer and Justin Peters discuss a recent case in California relating to arbitration agreements…

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California Court of Appeals Rules that Proposition 22 is Constitutional…Mostly…For Now

From JDSupra, Jared Slater discusses the recent California appealate court decision that reversed the trial court’s determination…

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New Jersey is Becoming the Next California

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses developments in New Jersey that make it appear that New Jersey is…

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Dog Walking and Pet Care Platform Settles Independent Contractor Misclassification Claims 

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein reports that a California dog walking and pet care provider setttled a class…

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Federal Appeals Court Blocks California’s Ban on Mandatory Arbitration Agreements: 7 Key Takeaways for Employers

From JDSupra, Anet Drapalski, Benjamin Ebbink, and Hannah Sweiss discuss the implications of the recent Ninth Circuit…

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Ninth Circuit Delivers Employers a Valentine – Blocks California’s Bar to Mandatory Employment Arbitration Agreements 

From JDSupra, Dan Forman discusses the recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that California’s…