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AB 5 Past and Present – What You Need to Know 

From JDSupra, Dale Kuykendall and Sierra Vierra summarize the status of California’s independent contractor law, AB 5….

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Employee or Franchisee? Or Both? 

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses recent cases in one of which the court said that franchisees were…

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7-Eleven Prevails in Employee Misclassification Suit

From JDSupra, Carrie Hoffman and Peter Loh discuss a recent case in California in which the court…

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Supreme Court Declines to Hear Trucker Challenge of California Anti-Gig Law

From The Epoch Times, Matthew Vadum reports that the United States Supreme Court has declined to hear…

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California Employers Face Criminal Liability for Intentional Unpaid Wages Under Newly Signed Law

From JDSupra, Gregory Blueford discusses a new law in California that makes intentional wage theft a felony….

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Red Light! Green Light!… Yellow Light?: Ninth Circuit Lifts Injunction on Law Banning Mandatory Employee Arbitration Agreements in California

From Lexology, Courtney McFate and Rishi Puri discuss the recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision to allow California’s…

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Ninth Circuit Reversed Grubhub’s Victory on Independent Contractor Classification in Light of the Retroactive Application of Dynamex 

From JDSupra, Sami Hasan and Thomas Kaufman discuss a recent case in which the Ninth Circuit reversed…

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Ninth Circuit Vacates Preliminary Injunction Against Enforcement of Mandatory Employment Arbitration Agreement Ban 

From JDSupra, Amy Patton and Tyler Runge discuss the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that AB51,…

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The Arbitration Whipsaw Continues – Court Reinstates Portions of California Prohibition of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements 

From JDSupra, Benjamin Ebbink and Phillip Simpler discuss a recent case in which California’s s statute, AB51,…

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7-Eleven Beats Franchisees’ Claims That They Were Misclassified as Independent Contractors

From JDSupra, Richard Reibstein discusses a California case that said that 7-Eleven franchisees were properly classified as…

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Court holds homeowner Johnny Mathis not liable for injuries to independent contractor window cleaner 

From The San Diego Tribune, Dan Eaton discusses a case in which an independent contractor window-washer who…

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Not So Fast: California Judge Strikes Down Proposition 22, Finding That Rideshare and Delivery Drivers Are Employees—Not Independent Contractors 

From JDSupra, Kevin Brown and Gina Miller discuss the decision by a California Court that Proposition 22…