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Independent Contractors—The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same 

  From JDSupra, Mark Tabakman discusses his experience applying the ABC test in New Jersey.  Since California adopted the…

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N.J. Governor Orders Fresh Focus On Worker Misclassification 

  From JDSupra, Patrick McGovern reports on a new commission to investigate misclassification in the construction industry.  Patrick writes:…

Map Of New Jersey 3d Shape
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NJ Lawyers, Others Exempt From Proposed Freelancer Law

  From Law360, Jeannie O’Sullivan discusses proposed legislation in New Jersey that would provide basic protections for freelancers…

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New Jersey’s Appellate Division Finds Part C of the “ABC” Independent Contractor Test Does Not Require an Independent Business

  From The National Law Review, Patrick G. Brady and James J. Sawczyn discuss a recent New Jersey…

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Independent Contractor Status And The ABC Test

  From JDSupra, Mark Tabakman discusses a recent New Jersey case in which pyrotechnicians were determined to be independent…

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New District of New Jersey Case Shows Importance of Requiring Drivers to Form Corporate Entities in Misclassification Cases 

  From JDSupra, Harris Freier discusses a recent District of New Jersey case in which the fact that the…

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Lowe’s settles worker misclassification charges

  From Business Insurance, Judy Greenwald reports that Lowes agreed to a settlement of claims that workers…

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New Jersey Assembly Labor Committee Advances Bill Concerning Payment of Freelance Workers 

  From JDSupra, Krystina Barbieri, and Michael Riccobono discuss proposed legislation in New Jersey that would require written contracts with…

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Uber Scores Victory Compelling Arbitration in Wage & Hour Misclassification Suit 

  From JDSupra, Kevin Miller discusses a New Jersey case that said that Uber drivers had to arbitrate…

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Trucking Industry, Unions Clash Over Driver Classification in New Jersey

    From The Wall Street Journal, Robbie Whelan reports that a bill in the New Jersey legislature…

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Independent contractor or employee? Do you know who your employees are?

    From, Howard Fetner discusses a case in which Williams-Sonoma hired MXD Group to deliver…

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2015 Year in Review—the Top 10 Trends in New Jersey Employment Law

From JDSupra, Joseph C. O’Keefe, Esther Pak, Catherine Pontoriero share their view on employment trends in 2015 in New Jersey.  With…