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Oregon Supreme Court Case Reminds Businesses about the Complexity of Independent Contractor Classification

From JDSupra, Douglas Parker and Brian Weeks discuss the recent Oregon Supreme Court case in which taxicab drivers were found to…

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Your Uber driver should be an independent contractor: Bloomberg View 

From Oregon Live, Justin Fox proposes that Uber drivers should be independent workers — a new type…

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Broadway Cab loses ‘independent contractor’ case before Oregon Supreme Court 

From, George Rede reports that the Oregon Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, said that taxicab drivers were…

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Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries Advisory Opinion

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries issued an Advisory Opinion on the Employment status of drivers….

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Oregon purse salesman: Independent contractor or employee?

From, Joanna Perini Abbot writes about a recent case involving a salesperson for high-end handbags.  She…

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More Problems for Uber and Lyft Drivers in Oregon

From — Drivers for Lyft and Uber are independent contractors and responsible for their own taxes….

Trade secrets briefcase
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Can an Independent Contractor share your trade secrets?

  From the Oregon Business Report — “A recent case out of Massachusetts held that, as a matter of…

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Ninth Circuit Reverses District Court, Rules FedEx Drivers in California and Oregon are Employees

From the Employment Law Spotlight  – The driver-as-independent-contractor model has been under attack for years, with federal and…

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Were Oregon workers independent contractors or employees?

From — The Oregon Appeals court said: that freedom from direction and control over the means of…

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Oregon court reverses ALJ and finds maintenance workers to be independent contractors

From Wolters Kluwer Law & Business — Noting that Oregon law does not require a worker to be…