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Hirer Of Independent Contractor Is Not Liable For Injury To Contractor’s Employee

From Lexology, Tony Oncidi reports on a case in California in which the company that hired an…

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Rolling the dice with independent contractors – employee misclassification can prove to be a risky and expensive game of roulette when an injury occurs!

From Lexology, Nicole R. Hunter discusses the risks of classifying a worker as an independent contractor if…

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From Contractor to Conflict: Independent Contractors and On-the-Job Injuries 

From JDSupra, Alexandra Ortiz Hadley discusses the obligations of a business that hires an independent contractor to provide…

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Utah’s Employer/Independent Contractor Distinction Remains Cloudy, Even To Judges

From JDSupra, Mark Morris discusses a recent case in which a worker was an independent contractor when…

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Court holds homeowner Johnny Mathis not liable for injuries to independent contractor window cleaner 

From The San Diego Tribune, Dan Eaton discusses a case in which an independent contractor window-washer who…

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AMC Looks to Erase $8.6 Million Verdict in ‘Walking Dead’ Stunt Death 

From Variety, Gene Maddaus reports that AMC Networks is arguing that a stuntman’s death should be processed…

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Independent Contractors Need Workers’ Compensation

  From, Jeffrey S. Gross discusses the importance of workers compensation for independent contractors. Jeffrey writes: Workers’…

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Who Is The Employer Of a Staffing Agency Temp?

From JDSupra, Brian Clemow discusses a Connecticut case in which the client of a staffing company retaliated…

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

    From, Marianne Bonner discusses the issue of misclassifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees…

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Employee or independent? It’s a workers’ comp issue

    From, Fielding Buck discusses the challenges small businesses face in determining who is an…

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Legal Options for Injured Independent Contractors

  The Goldberg Weisman Cairo blog reviews the options for an independent contractor who is injured.  It states: Because…

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Employee or Independent Contractor? What this Means for your Workers Compensation Case.

From Ankin Law Office, Howard Ankin discusses how the classification of a worker relates to a workers compensation claim….