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Pa Court Clarifies “Written Contract” Requirement for Independent Contractor Classification under the Construction Workplace Misclassification Act 

From JDSupra, Denise Elliott discusses a recent Pennsylvania court decision in which the court said that a worker…

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Delivery driver wins workers’ comp case before state Supreme Court

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sean Whaley reports a Nevada Supreme Court Decision that may allow a…

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Contractor sues for alleged on the job injury

The Louisiana Record reports a case in which a painter is suing a real estate company for…

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Who Is Responsible When a Private Contractor Is Injured at Your Place of Business?

From the Houston Chronicle, Patrick Gleeson discusses the potential liability you may have for an injured worker…

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What Insurance Coverages Should Be Required for an Independent Contractor?

From the nest, Laurie Reeves discusses what insurance coverage an independent contractor should have.  Laurie identifies 5…

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South Carolina Court says mover was not an employee

Findlaw reports a South Carolina Court of Appeals case in which the court determined that the worker (Fergurson)…

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Illinois Truck Driver who was Misclassified as an Independent Contractor is Entitled to Workers Comp. Benefits

FindLaw reports a case before the workers compensation appellate division in Illinois in which a truck driver was…

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Jury to Decide if Technician who installed Satellite Dishes is an Employee

From the Association of Corporate Counsel, Rachel E. Burke reports on Keller v. Miri Microsystems, a case…

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NC workers’ deaths go uncounted

From the Charlotte Observer, Mandy Locke reports that workplace deaths of self-employed workers, owners of unincorporated companies…

Employee or Contractor 20 rules to guide you
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Do You have Independent Contractors or Employees?

From Accucheck Payroll Management Blog — Tristan Ruland offers terrific guidance on how to determine if a worker…

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The First Hire: Employee or Freelancer?

From Tweak Your Biz — Miles Young discusses the challenge of small business owners when it comes time to hire…

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Independent Contractors: Are You an Employee?

From, ReduceYourWorkersComp writes about the challenge of determining whether a workers is an independent contractor or…